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Vacation Security: Keeping Your Data Safe While You Unwind

Vacations are a time to relax, recharge, and create lasting memories. However, it’s crucial not to let your guard down regarding data protection. Identity theft and other cybercrimes can happen even while enjoying your well-deserved break. This blog discusses essential steps to keep your data safe while you unwind and ensure your vacation remains stress-free….

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Protect Your Business With On-Site Document Shredding

On-site shredding is the most secure and reliable document destruction method. This service provides an extra layer of protection for your documents as they are destroyed without ever leaving your premises. On-site shredding also ensures you don’t have to worry about transporting sensitive information to an off-site location. Additionally, it gives you the added benefit of…

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The Importance of Hard Drive and Electronic Media Destruction

While there is a lot of focus these days on how you handle sensitive paper documents, the secure disposal of your electronic files is just as important. One tape or disc can hold thousands of records containing sensitive information, posing a significant risk to your business in the case that this electronic media falls into…

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Why Companies Depend on Paper Shredding Services

Many, if not all company’s deal with documents containing sensitive information, and after a certain amount of time, they will no longer need them. Well, what happens to them after they are no longer helpful? Just throw them away? If that happens, the information on those documents could be used for fraudulent purposes, which could…

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What Santa Can Teach You About Hard Drive Shredding

  When it comes to the holiday season, there are two diametrically opposed ways to view it. The first is with the childlike, wide-eyed innocence of youth, delighting in the songs and decorations that only show up during this specific time of year. The second is tempered by the knowledge that comes from growing up,…

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Remote Workers, Beware These Scam Tricks Disguised as Treats

Most remote workers have been doing so for long enough that they and their company have reputable systems in place for keeping company information private. They may employ a document shredding service for physical papers and may have set up a robust digital defense. Even with all these precautions, remote workers should be more aware…

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5 Quick, Simple Tricks to Make Organizing Papers a Snap

Reports, meeting notes, client records, and more: they pile up slowly but steadily. If you’re working in a small space, you already know that every inch of space counts, for both you and your coworkers. It might feel like you’re about to get buried under a mess of loose documents, but with a little planning,…

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9 Essential Tips for Working from Home

For many of us, the next few months look a bit like a strange new world. We rely on the news of the day for guidance and, for the first time, we may not have a clear idea of what we’ll be doing next week. Add onto that the challenge of working from home, and…

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3 Easy Ways to Safeguard Customer Data

From Walgreen’s mobile app to MGM Resorts and Clearview AI, the first few months of 2020 have been marked by a rash of data breaches. Given that last week was National Consumer Protection Week, we’ve decided it would be a good idea to quickly review some easy and effective strategies you can implement today to…

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Digital Cobwebs: Why You Need to Clean Your Computer Right Now

You wouldn’t work in an office that had cobwebs draping from every corner or a thick layer of dust on every horizontal surface. So why are you working from a computer that’s bogged down with tons of junk? If your computer’s been a little laggy, or you’ve noticed that it’s hard to find the files…

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