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4 Commonly Forgotten Documents That Need To Be Shredded

If last year showed us anything; it proved how inconsistent and surprising life can be. One thing that should remain consistent in life, however, is shredding your documents.  This blog is going to serve as a reminder that document destruction is still important because there are still people out there who want to take advantage…

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Reasons You Should Consider Residential Shredding

There are many benefits of residential shredding when working remotely. For those of you who do not work at home, shredding paper can take a few hours or all day depending on the size of the documents. It is an important part of the process of identity theft prevention and required by law. These days,…

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Keep Your Remote Work Safe With These Tips

Working remotely can pose a few unexpected challenges. Maybe your internet connection is unreliable (usually during the most inopportune times) or perhaps you have the distractions of kids or pets to deal with. Whatever the case may be, one factor you have to consider when working from home is what to do with any work-related…

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How to Get Purge Shredding Without Leaving Home

Looking after your information is important, but admittedly, it’s tempting to put it off just because of the sheer amount of work required to do it correctly. After all, if you fail to safely shred your old ones, the work that you do put in becomes largely worthless, so why bother to begin with? We’re…

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Essential Advice to Keep Your Taxes Secure

With April 15th – Tax Day – fast approaching, many of us are either starting or preparing to start filing our tax returns. The process of completing taxes alone can be stressful, but for many folks, the stress continues well after the returns are on their way to the government. Your tax returns contain some…

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3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Disaster

Security has traditionally been overlooked in business planning. In fact, as of a 2020 risk assessment, 73% of security budgets are either staying the same or being reduced in the coming year. It’s easy to get complacent about the security of your business if nothing happens. You might feel you’re being overly paranoid, or that…

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5 Rookie Mistakes That A Scheduled Shredding Service Can Fix

Running a business is challenging, even for seasoned entrepreneurs. There are plenty of mistakes you can make that won’t become apparent to you until it’s too late to fix them without a lot of time and effort. These mistakes happen as a result of not paying close attention to the fine details (which is easy…

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What Santa Can Teach You About Hard Drive Shredding

  When it comes to the holiday season, there are two diametrically opposed ways to view it. The first is with the childlike, wide-eyed innocence of youth, delighting in the songs and decorations that only show up during this specific time of year. The second is tempered by the knowledge that comes from growing up,…

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A-1 Shredding Sold to Assured Document Destruction, Inc

GLENDALE, AZ, December 7, 2020 – Assured Document Destruction, Inc. is pleased to announce their purchase of A-1 Shredding. Established in 2000, Assured Document Destruction provides comprehensive mobile document and hard drive shredding services throughout Arizona and Las Vegas. You can continue to expect the same high-quality shredding services that you’ve experienced at your previous appointments….

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The 3 Most Important Elements of Document Destruction

When it comes to the destruction of old documents or files, it’s easy to assume that one provider is just as good as another. After all, it’s just shredding, so there can’t possibly be that much variation, right? We’re here to tell you: there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are several elements…

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