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Three Reasons Why Off-Site Shredding Is Beneficial

Off-site shredding is a secure way for a reputed shredding firm to provide a lockable container for companies to preserve confidential papers. The shredder then transports the safe container off-site. After that, the documents are destroyed. The company will be issued a Certificate of Destruction and the assurance that its sensitive information is no longer…

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The Significance of Electronic Media Destruction

For decades, improper electronic media disposal has caused problems for businesses and people. Digital information is one of the most valuable assets and the most frequently targeted data in any security incident. Personal information about workers and customers, as well as vital operational and financial papers, can provide a big return to a hacker or…

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How Document Shredding Can Prevent Identity Theft

Did you know that it’s legal to dig into junk and look for emails containing bank statements, credit cards, and other valuable personal information? It is a well-known method of collecting evidence by the police and is also a commonly used method for criminals. If you throw something in the garbage or put it on…

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Document Shredding for Your Business

Companies that deal with sensitive information daily are not enough to store essential files in a secure storage facility. Document accumulation in an office environment often leads to countless problems that can be solved with the simple solution of document shredding. Reasons why document shredding is so important Let’s take a brief look at why…

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Advantages To Using Shredding Services

Paper shredding has become a vital service to businesses of all sizes as it provides protection for sensitive information about your business or your clients. Now, if your company needs to shred things on a regular basis, then the type of shredding service you need is one called Scheduled Shredding, which allows you to schedule…

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Advantages of a One-Time Purge Service for Your Workplace

Advantages of a One-Time Purge Service for Your Workplace Those of you who spend most of the time at the office know how much paperwork builds up over time. Unfortunately with all of this paper accumulation, desks become cluttered and messy fairly quickly, if you let organizing and sorting through these records slip by the…

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Choosing a Hard Drive Destruction Provider: What to Look for

Any organization deals with a significant amount of data every day, no matter their industry specialization. In the majority of cases, whether the data is derived from paper documents or is generated digitally, it involves sensitive information about customers or the company.  These particular matters need to remain protected and secure to stop the risks…

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Why Companies Depend on Paper Shredding Services

Many, if not all company’s deal with documents containing sensitive information, and after a certain amount of time, they will no longer need them. Well, what happens to them after they are no longer helpful? Just throw them away? If that happens, the information on those documents could be used for fraudulent purposes, which could…

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Why Businesses Rely On Paper Shredding Services

There are different threats that businesses need to protect against if they want to ensure that confidential information stays private and out of the wrong hands. So how do you protect your information? With paper shredding services, every kind of business can easily protect themselves and their clients’ information. What is paper shredding? Why are…

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4 Commonly Forgotten Documents That Need To Be Shredded

If last year showed us anything; it proved how inconsistent and surprising life can be. One thing that should remain consistent in life, however, is shredding your documents.  This blog is going to serve as a reminder that document destruction is still important because there are still people out there who want to take advantage…

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