On-Site Shredding

Convenient & 100% Secure

When you want convenient, effective, and accessible document destruction, you want on-site shredding service from A-1 Shredding. We guarantee your shredding experience will be professional and efficient, ensuring that your home or business enjoys premium protection throughout every stage of the process. Your information is valuable, which is why our team of trained security professionals will ensure that each piece of paper is kept 100% confidential.

Our end-to-end security process will let you know precisely where your documents are, and once we’ve successfully destroyed your information according to the latest privacy standards, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and remove the shredded particles for secure recycling.

The Value of On-Site Shredding Services

The true value provided by on-site shredding goes far beyond simply securing your confidential information. On-site document shredding allows you to save time and money while simultaneously offering first-person verification of the successful destruction of your papers. A-1’s on-site shredding services can be customized to perfectly accommodate both your shredding needs and your budget.

  • One-time purge shredding to quickly clear out years of old documents.
  • Regularly scheduled shredding to make document management for businesses easier than ever before.
  • Residential shredding to provide homeowners with the protection they want for their personal information and records.

Instead of wasting money on expensive equipment and sacrificing hours of your time to operate it, professional on-site shredding allows you to sit back, relax, and watch as your documents are shredded in complete compliance with state and federal privacy laws in only a few minutes. After your on-site shredding concludes, you’ll be provided with a Certificate of Destruction affirming that your documents were destroyed by a certified shredding provider.

Convenient & Versatile: On-Site Shredding

Information is powerful, especially when it’s personal or confidential in nature. In fact, information is so valuable that there are a variety of laws throughout the United States dictating how it should be safely disposed to best protect it and the people it represents. If confidential information is not handled with the utmost care, especially in a business or corporate setting, it creates the potential for a data breach, which may include identity theft.

From start to finish, A-1’s on-site shredding service has been designed to meet or exceed every one of these regulations. When you make the decision to trust your documents to our on-site shredding process, you can be confident that your information will be destroyed in complete compliance with the latest state and federal regulations regarding the protection of privacy.

Getting started is easy. When you call to request on-site shredding, our team will collaborate with you to determine an appointment time and location. If you require regularly scheduled on-site shredding, we’ll provide you with secure, locking consoles that can be used to safely store documents until your shredding day. When it’s time to shred, we’ll dispatch one of our state-of-the-art shredding trucks directly to your door. A technician will collect your documents and empty them directly into the internal shredding mechanism.

You will have the option to stay and watch as your documents are cross-cut into tiny pieces, personally verifying that not a single piece of paper was lost or improperly shredded. After the on-site shredding appointment concludes, you’ll receive your Certificate of Destruction, and we’ll directly transport the shredded particles to a local recycling partner for washing, pulping, and repurposing as recycled paper products.

Gain instant peace of mind and protect your documents with on-site shredding.

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Don’t Need Scheduled Shredding?

Clean It Out With a One-Time Purge Shredding Service

There’s no wrong time of year to clear out your old or unnecessary files. At A-1, we understand that Phoenix homes and businesses may need to quickly clean out a large amount of documents, but may not require regular shredding service. Our on-site purge shredding service arrives once, shreds the documents you have, and departs. You don’t have to commit to any long-term contracts, and you can still be confident that your information has received top-of-the-line protection from the document destruction experts at A-1 Shredding.

What Should You Get Rid of Every Year?

Old Payroll Records
Unneeded Tax Records
Sales and Receipts
Medical Records
Old Project Files
Bank Statements
Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payable
Confidential Client Info
Employee Records
Strategic Records

Phoenix, it’s time to say farewell to all those old documents.
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Make on-site document shredding even easier with locking consoles.

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