Electronic Media Destruction

Secure Destruction of Various Forms of Electronic Media

With the many convenient technologies available today, most companies store a large amount of sensitive information electronically. A-1 Shredding provides secure destruction of various forms of electronic media. It is absolutely essential that you dispose of these materials securely to be sure that the information is not accessed after the disposal. Our destruction services ensure that the electronic media will be unusable and the information cannot be recovered.

A-1 Shredding also provides a mobile collection service for your convenience.


Why Electronic Media Destruction is Important

A standard file deletion or disk wipe is, unfortunately, not nearly sufficient to protect the data contained on the device. Even formatting the device isn’t enough to keep the data from someone who is determined to retrieve it.

E-media destruction works by physically destroying the electrical components. In the case of hard drives, crushing both the memory disk and the drive platter makes certain that the information can no longer be read or reconstructed. The same principle holds true for CDs, diskettes, and flash drives.

After the devices are destroyed, A-1 makes sure that all electrical components are responsibly recycled. This allows for the retrieval and reuse of plastic, glass, and rare earth metals, which can be cheaply and safely recovered from recycled electronics, reducing the need for mining.

A-1 Shredding provides secure destruction of various forms of electronic media.

  • CD / DVD
  • Diskettes
  • Super Disks
  • LTO / Ultrium
  • 3480 / 3490/ 3580/ 3570/ 9840/ 9940 Tapes
  • SLR / MLR / DLT
  • Round Reel Tapes
  • Magnus
  • Travan
  • Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
  • Optical Platters
  • VHS/Beta Tapes

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