shredded pile of paper
Those of you who spend most of the time at the office know how much paperwork builds up over time. Unfortunately with all of this paper accumulation, desks become cluttered and messy fairly quickly, if you let organizing and sorting through these records slip by the wayside.

Why is a cluttered desk such a concern? Desks that are flooded in paperwork and other distractions can negatively impact employee productivity; what’s worse, is that it can also lead to significant security risks, including information theft and the potential for a data breach to take place.

How can these threats be combated in a manner that is secure and cost-effective? Turning to professional shredding services is your best bet. So how does a shredding provider do a better job than your small office shredding machine? Trained with your privacy in mind and the highest level of industry security measures in place, a company like A-1 Shredding in Arizona, will handle your document destruction needs right at your location. There is no need to worry about the lost time that’s associated with shredding the items in-house, plus you receive the guarantee that documents are shredded in compliance with privacy laws; all shredding carried out by our team is finalized by presenting a Certificate of Destruction; a legal document demonstrating just that.

With that said, when might you opt for a purge shredding service over regular shredding services?

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits:

Get Rid of a Mountain of Paper Quickly

As many of us have had to shift our working lives to working from home, it is likely confidential files are piling up more than usual. Hopefully, those employees that are still working from home are securely storing files somewhere safe, out of sight; however, it is possible some confidential files may be overlooked and land in the trash or recycling bin instead.

To avoid this security threat, it is important to remind your employees of the importance of document security and encourage them to bring these files back to the office where they can be collected for professional shredding. A one-time purge shredding service is simple, hassle-free, and the most convenient way to rid of numerous files bound to pile up among your entire staff.

Maintain a Clutter-free Work Space for Your Employees

A clean desk policy has a number of benefits for your employees. Firstly, having a clean, clutter-free workspace can increase productivity and mental clarity. When it’s time to head back to the office setting after working from home for so long, and organized workspace will help set the tone for a productive and happy return to work.

Ensuring desks are organized and free from documents also eliminates the possibility of sensitive files being leaked to an unknown source, thus potentially suffering the effects of theft and data breach. Even obtaining the smallest tidbit of information can be enough for a motivated individual to carry out information theft. In an effort to aid in your clean desk policy, we highly recommend that you place lockable collection bins throughout your workplace for easy and secure disposal. Reminding staff to properly dispose of their confidential documents will ultimately save you stress and money down the road. Once bins are at capacity, simply request a purge! Our team will arrive on-site and immediately empty your containers for destruction.

Keep Your Company Safe From Data Breach

Data breaches are common and unfortunately, they target small businesses too. In fact a 2019 study revealed that 20% of small businesses were hit with a breach and approximately half of those companies were forced to close their doors within 6 months of the attack.

Choosing to shred your documents via a purge or through an ongoing shredding service, will significantly reduce your chances of experiencing a data breach.

A-1 Shredding in Arizona Offers Convenient and Secure Purge Services

When it comes to getting rid of old or unnecessary documents, there’s no wrong time of year. We understand that Phoenix residents and businesses may need to dispose of a large number of documents quickly, but may not need to shred documents on a regular basis. Our on-site purge shredding service arrives once, shreds the documents you have, and departs.

With A-1 Shredding, you don’t have to commit to any long-term contracts, and you can be confident in the fact that your information has received top-notch protection.

Contact us today to learn more about our shredding services and how they can benefit your business.