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A-1 Shredding is a team of industry specialists who provide clients with high quality and efficient document management services. Our options guarantee your security, and we work with both commercial and residential customers throughout Prescott, providing secure document shredding that protects our clients from the threat of information theft. We will discuss your specific needs and design a customized program that is suitable and convenient for you.

Whether you choose our on-site or off-site shredding service, our shredding is quick, friendly, professional, and, of course, secure. We practice a strict chain of custody that reflects the latest industry standards with regard to protecting your identity and your information.  Relax and be confident – your sensitive documents will be in great hands when you partner with our team!

If all you need is a one-time visit, our purge shredding service is a one-stop way to quickly and safely get rid of old documents. Alternatively, if you think you would benefit from regular document shredding, our team will arrange a schedule that is both convenient and as frequent as you require.

Our on-site, mobile shred trucks are equipped with the latest in shredding technology and are designed for quick destruction that you can witness yourself, right at your location. Our process guarantees your privacy and is in total compliance with Arizona privacy legislation.


Why Partner with a Professional Document Shredding Supplier?

There are far more important jobs that you should and could be focusing on that don’t involve document shredding.  Reduce the time, hassle, and money involved in shredding in-house, and leave it to the professionals to handle appropriately instead.

Identity theft cases are ever-growing, and while some business owners continue to use an office shredder to dispose of their documents, this method of shredding isn’t reliable and most certainly doesn’t guarantee total security. Why?  Office shredders aren’t built to thoroughly shred through paperwork and render them unrecoverable. They’re designed for single-sheet or minimal shredding, not endless stacks of paper.

Legislation requires that sensitive documents be disposed of in a way that protects the nature of content. Conventional office shredders leave paperwork in strips that can easily be put back together with moderate determination. Professional shredding, on the other hand, is designed to shred paper into tiny, confetti-like particles. It’s not only a smart decision for your business; it’s a decision that will keep your employees, your customers, and your reputation protected.

Specific legislation addresses exactly how business owners should be dealing with their confidential documents. This legislation also states the potential penalties of non-compliance which may or may not result in legal issues. Allow your employees to focus on their job duties and we’ll handle the stresses of document shredding!

Haven’t decided what shredding service you require or how often would be necessary? This is where our professionalism and experience come in handy. We are pleased to assist our clients with the process of planning and arranging a professional shredding service. Our shredding system ensures that your documents will be secured during every stage of their processing.


How Can A-1 Shredding in Prescott Help Your Business?

  • We are committed to timely and friendly service with each visit
  • Our shredding solutions are in place to ensure your total security
  • All of our shredding services are customized to your schedule and needs
  • We accept more than just documents; send us your electronic media for safe destruction as well.


Document Shredding Services Offered in Prescott

Shredding for Businesses

A-1 Shredding’s businesses shredding service can be provided as a scheduled, on-going shredding service as well as a one-time purge service for businesses throughout the Prescott and nearby areas. Scheduled services are ideal for business owners because with them comes the added benefit of collection bins, provided free with regular service.

Customers are welcome to place these collection bins throughout their office, where they can be used as temporary and secure storage for sensitive documents. On your shredding day, they will be collected, emptied, and returned for continued service.

For document shredding that is cost-effective and completed right before your eyes, you’ll be more than happy with A-1 Shredding. You decide how frequently you’d like shredding to take place; one-time, yearly, monthly, biweekly, or weekly service. We leave the decision to you!


Shredding for Residents

It’s important to remember that companies are not the only ones that should consider professional document shredding. All Prescott residents collect material of a confidential nature over time, and these should be disposed of in a secure manner as well.

Whatever you do, it is best not to allow these files to pile up or it will only contribute to a messy and cluttered house. Messes can result in lost paperwork, which is never a good outcome when the paperwork involves personal information. Without a shredding service, old receipts and tax records can wind up in the recycling or trash bin, which can be a disaster waiting to happen if someone steals those documents with the intent to acquire your identity.

A-1 Shredding promises a professional, efficient and confidential experience for our clients. We provide residential shredding services to help protect residents of Prescott from outside security risks. Our team is happy to work with you to determine a scheduled pick-up time. All information is recycled following its destruction.


Drop-Off Shredding

Some people enjoy having possession over their files prior to having them shred; if this is what you prefer, you are more than welcome to drop documents off directly at our facility for shredding. Our drop-off shredding service is offered to residential clients and businesses in the Prescott area and is conveniently located, allowing for quick and efficient drop-off. Our process is fast, secure, and convenient.

Additional Services Available:

Our Partnering Drop-Off Location: 930 S. 67th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85043