hard drive destruction

Any organization deals with a significant amount of data every day, no matter their industry specialization. In the majority of cases, whether the data is derived from paper documents or is generated digitally, it involves sensitive information about customers or the company.  These particular matters need to remain protected and secure to stop the risks of unauthorized exposure, including information theft or fraud.

You’re likely aware of the advantages associated with shredding sensitive files, but are you familiar with the importance behind data destruction as well? Professional hard drive destruction in fact,  plays a pivotal role in protecting your identity and securing critical information you wouldn’t want anyone to obtain.

So how do you go about disposing of hard drives in a safe and secure manner? Hire a professional company that specializes in electronic media destruction services.

Why Turn to Professionals for Hard Drive Destruction?

You might not know this, but a single hard drive can contain hundreds, if not thousands, of files. It is especially apparent in industries like healthcare, legal, and finance where electronic data is the lifeblood of their operations.

Considering that, if you plan on upgrading your computer systems this winter, or if your storage room is piled high with odds and ends, now is the time to clean out old hard drives that are only collecting dust and no longer being used. If you want to ensure 100% data removal from a hard drive, you should hire a professional provider. How do you know who to hire for such a critical service?

If you intend to choose a hard drive destruction service, you should set aside some time to conduct some research. You should check that they are reputable and reliable, as well as knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified.  Here are some tips to ensure you receive the best service possible; after all, your sensitive data is at stake!

Trusted Hard Drive Shredding Providers Offer:

On-Site Service Hard Drive Shredding Services

Many shredding companies can only provide facility-based services and cannot offer on-site services. This isn’t an issue for everyone, but it may cause a business to delay their destruction needs due to a lack of convenience.

By using on-site hard drive destruction solutions, your business can continue as normal with minimal disruption and without any detrimental downtime.

Certificate of Destruction Following the Destruction Process

Certified shredding matters and it should be sought after; at the end of each service, you should always receive written documentation that specifies documents or hard drives have been successfully destroyed in accordance with specific legislation, and the date and time it was completed.

Prior to deciding on your shredding provider, it is in your best interest to check that a Certificate of Destruction will be provided following destruction, as this may protect you in the event that you are audited unexpectedly down the road.

Holds AAA NAID Certified

Certified companies offer a level of trust and specialization beyond that of non-certified businesses. Make sure that the hard drive destruction provider you’re considering is AAA NAID Certified.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) sets industry standards for disposing of confidential documents.

We are a proud member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and are AAA NAID Certified. In addition, we adhere to all applicable laws, guidelines, and regulations regarding information protection, such as HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA requirements.

Eco-Friendly Processes

Doing your part to protect and preserve our environment should include partnering with like-minded businesses who are also committed to sustainability. Investigate the company you’re considering and check whether they have implemented green practices such as recycling leftover material from the shredding process.

Recycling is a cornerstone of our business at A-1 Shredding, and we don’t stop with paper products. Electronics recycling is just as important. E-waste is currently recycled in only 12.5% of cases, and we want to change that.

As your old electronics are crushed or shredded, they are carefully separated into various categories based on material such as different types of metal. They are then separated and further processed, which involves stripping precious metals and reusing the components. Raw materials are then recycled back into the production process.

In your search for the right company to destroy your hard drives, we hope this has given you some useful insight. Should you be interested, we would be happy to discuss our secure destruction services with you. 

Please reach out to us soon!