Data Breach News Posts

Why Electronic Media Destruction is Key to Data Protection

Data security is a critical component of any business, large or small. As technology advances and the volume of digital data increases exponentially, proper management and disposal of electronic media become more important than ever. Organizations must ensure that their data remains secure throughout its lifecycle; this includes securely disposing of obsolete computers, hard drives,…

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Remote Workers, Beware These Scam Tricks Disguised as Treats

Most remote workers have been doing so for long enough that they and their company have reputable systems in place for keeping company information private. They may employ a document shredding service for physical papers and may have set up a robust digital defense. Even with all these precautions, remote workers should be more aware…

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Digital Cobwebs: Why You Need to Clean Your Computer Right Now

You wouldn’t work in an office that had cobwebs draping from every corner or a thick layer of dust on every horizontal surface. So why are you working from a computer that’s bogged down with tons of junk? If your computer’s been a little laggy, or you’ve noticed that it’s hard to find the files…

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Do You Know How to Keep Your Home Office Secure in 2020?

In 2016, around 43% of American workers occasionally did their business from home. As of 2018, it was estimated that, worldwide, 70% of employees worked remotely at least once a week. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an independent contractor, a freelancer, or an office employee, chances are good that you have a small home office area….

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How to Identify Signs of Fraud in Your Business

As a document destruction provider, we have a keen understanding of the importance of information protection for both physical and digital documents. It only takes three pieces of information – a name, address, and date of birth – to infiltrate most private accounts. When you regularly handle the personal details of clients, customers, and employees,…

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Employee Errors that Could Contribute to Data Breach: Familiarize Yourself

Falling for a Phishing Scam:  This scam occurs when an employee receives and opens an email from a suspicious sender whose goal is to draw that individual into downloading malicious files or to visit a forbidden link. Misplacing a Laptop: Work laptops are generally full of sensitive information about marketing plans, budgets, customers, financial details, pricing, etc….

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