Document Shredding in Phoenix

Serving the Entire State of Arizona

A-1 Shredding specializes in supplying industry-leading document shredding services to companies and residents across the Phoenix region. Our approach promises clients a fast, trusted and professional experience each time, regardless of whether on-site or off-site shredding services are used. Our processes follow a strict chain of custody, reflecting the highest industry standards in relation to protecting your privacy. Rest assured, your information will be in great hands when you work with our team!

Should you require a one-time purge, hard drive destruction, or on-going scheduled shredding, our expert team will look after your shredding needs right away. Our on-site, mobile shredding trucks ensure your total privacy and compliance with Arizona privacy legislation.


Why Outsource Your Shredding Needs?

For starters, it’s easier than you think and will ultimately save you time and hassle. Confidential documents must be disposed of in a manner that is deemed safe if you wish to remain protected from the risks of information theft. It’s not only a smart business decision, it is a legal decision as well. There are current laws in place that address specific handling and disposal of confidential records and failing to do so appropriately could lead to unforeseen legal consequences.

The problem with an in-house shredder is it lacks reliability. Office shredders typically break down and they are not designed to handle ongoing shredding or shredding of considerable volume. Furthermore, operating one means you require an employee to step away from their regular job duties to perform this task – all of which puts a damper on internal productivity.

Our on-site, mobile shredding trucks ensure the confidentiality of your information and compliance with Arizona privacy laws. Not sure where to start or what type of shredding service you need? We don’t just shred your sensitive documents, we’ll also help with the planning of your shredding project. Our secure shredding system guarantees that your critical paperwork will be secure from the time you hand them over to us, until they are thoroughly destroyed. Once shredded all remaining material is converted into small particles of paper that will be unreadable.


Why Choose A-1 Shredding in Phoenix?

  • We are dependable and committed to servicing you on time every time
  • Our shredding options directly protect your security
  • We are proud to provide customization and convenient shredding for our clients
  • We handle the destruction of more than just paper; have your electronics destroyed at the same time


Document Shredding Options in Phoenix

Business Shredding

A-1 Shredding offers businesses shredding services in Phoenix and surrounding areas as either scheduled, on-going shredding or one-time purge services. Scheduled services are ideal because you’ll also be set up with locked containers that can be utilized to store your sensitive documents before the shredding takes place. Our document shredding solutions are cost-effective and completed directly at your location. Decide if you want one-time, yearly, monthly, biweekly, or weekly service. The choice is yours!


Residential Shredding

Remember that it’s not only businesses that should be using shredding services as part of their regular routine; if you are a resident of Phoenix, there is a good chance you have documents around your home that require secure disposal as well. Don’t let these files pile up and cause clutter as there is a good chance, they’ll make their way to your garbage, which provides zero security over information and may mean susceptibility to theft. A-1 Shredding promises a professional, efficient, and confidential experience for its clients. We provide residential shredding services to help protect residents of Phoenix from the risks associated with identity theft. Our team of trained experts is happy to work with you to schedule a pick-up time. All information is recycled and remains inaccessible upon completion of shredding.


Drop-Off Shredding

Those who prefer to keep information in their possession during the transition are welcome to drop their documents off at our facility. Our drop-off shredding service is offered to residential clients and businesses in Phoenix who wish to drop off their records directly at our facility. Viewing of the shredding is available by appointment. Our Phoenix shredding facility allows for a quick and efficient drop-off. The process is fast, no long wait times, reliable and consistent. After the material is shred, we place a high priority on recycling and sustainability.


Additional Services We Offer

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