scheduled service

Paper shredding has become a vital service to businesses of all sizes as it provides protection for sensitive
information about your business or your clients. Now, if your company needs to shred things on a regular
basis, then the type of shredding service you need is one called Scheduled Shredding, which allows
you to schedule shredding appointments as frequently as required, whether that be monthly, or bi-monthly.


So what are all the benefits that come when using a scheduled shredding service? Let’s dive deeper into what scheduled shredding is and the four major advantages you receive when using this service.

What Is Scheduled Shredding?

When businesses have too many documents to deal with, they rely on a scheduled shredding service, as it allows them to shred their documents regularly and not worry about getting them done themselves.


Before they get to shredding, the shredding company you work with will first discuss how often you need this type of service, so they know when they need to come and collect your documents as it depends on the business shredding needs. So if you always have a ton of documents a month to be destroyed, then you will want to go with a monthly shredding, but if you don’t, then maybe bi-monthly would work better for you.


Next, you can expect them to show up right on time at your regular scheduled date, and they will get directly to work collecting all the documents you need to be destroyed. This process is even easier than other shredding services as the shredding company will provide you with secure bins and consoles that you can place throughout your office to keep your documents safe until it’s time to be collected. So all the workers need to do is collect those bins and bring the documents inside them to their mobile shredding truck to be destroyed, whether it be on-site in the truck or brought to a secure shredding facility.

4 Advantages To Scheduled Shredding

When it comes to using a scheduled shredding service, there are four major advantages that you receive; it’s cost-effective, increases security, helps you stay compliant, and is environmentally friendly. Let’s go into more detail about these incredible advantages.


Security: Choosing a secure document shredding service can be a smart investment for your business. They’ll protect your business from identity theft and ensure your confidential information is destroyed securely. It’s also done by shredding experts who are trained in protecting your sensitive information; if you did it yourself, you would have to rely on an employee to ensure that everything is shredded correctly and safely.


Cost-Effective: Not only will you protect your clients and your employees, but you’ll also be able to reduce your costs by choosing the right company for your needs. The reason for this is that when you use a scheduled shredding service, you don’t have to pay an employee to spend hours feeding your documents through a personal shredder. Instead, you let the professionals handle the job in minutes so your employees can get back to work on more important work tasks.


Stay Compliant: Shredding your documents with a shredding company allows you to stay compliant; this is because you can keep track of shredding and ensure that you comply with privacy laws by destroying old documents that contain personal information about your clients.


Environmentally Friendly: When using a scheduled shredding service, you also recycle all that paper you are destroying. All those shredded bits of paper are turned into other paper products and keep it out of our landfills.


If you want to take advantage of all these fantastic benefits, get in touch with A1 Shredding Arizona today to learn more about our scheduled shredding service.