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On-Site Shredding Services

A-1 Shredding guarantees a professional, efficient and confidential document destruction experience. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance services as well as one-time bulk destruction to ensure that your company receives premium protection. Our team of professionals guarantees that all information handled will be kept confidential and safeguarded through the duration of our services. We also guarantee that all information will be recycled and remain inaccessible upon completion of the service.

Scheduled, On-going Onsite Shredding Services

Scheduled onsite shredding services is great option for our business clients, offering visual confirmation. We bring locked, and secure storage containers to your site. These locked containers can be utilized to securely store sensitive information until your scheduled shred service. Witness your documents being destroyed. Certificate of Destruction is provided with each shred.

Scheduled shredding services are convenient and cost effective and are performed based on your needs. A-1 Shredding offers a free analysis to determine the best schedule for your business. Choose from yearly, monthly, biweekly and weekly.

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One-time Purge Shredding Services

The new year is here, and it’s time to purge the clutter in the storage room. Document purging coincides with fiscal year end. We understand how important your files are, and that they require the most confidential shredding service available. Many Phoenix companies accumulate numerous boxes for three to seven years. We are here to help shred all of these documents that are no longer needed. Document destruction is what we do!

The best way to avoid year-end paperwork panic is to set systems in place that will eliminate unnecessary paperwork and old records, dispose of received paperwork in secure ways, and organize finances so that reviewing them is an easy task. Keep only what’s necessary and next year’s year-end paper purge will be painless.

List of items that should be purged on an annual basis:

Old Payroll Documents
Tax Records
Sales and Receipts
Medical Records
Old Project Files
Bank Statements
Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payable
Confidential Client Info
Employee Records
Strategic Records

We can help Phoenix purge their old records without purging their budget!
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