Employee Errors that Could Contribute to Data Breach: Familiarize Yourself

Falling for a Phishing Scam:  This scam occurs when an employee receives and opens an email from a suspicious sender whose goal is to draw that individual into downloading malicious files or to visit a forbidden link.

Misplacing a Laptop: Work laptops are generally full of sensitive information about marketing plans, budgets, customers, financial details, pricing, etc. Did you know that studies show they are also the most stolen electronic device from businesses?

Privilege Misuse:  Access to highly confidential information should also be granted to those employees who specifically require it to perform their job duties or are in a position of authority that makes access acceptable. Theft of information can take place quite quickly if a staff member who should not be granted access to such files, does. It can also take place if an employee continues to obtain unauthorized company information, even after that employee has left the company. It’s crucial that passwords and log-in details are updated immediately upon an employee leaving your business to stop this from happening.

Security Mistake: In a lot of circumstances, it comes down to ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘human error’ when it comes to information security. Of course, mistakes that occur from sending private information to the wrong person, is also a reality that would fall under this category.

Passwords: Data breaches can even manifest because of weak, stolen, or default passwords; yes, even the way in which passwords are used can lead to trouble with data breach risks.  To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, always try to keep passwords protected and make sure they are strong in nature to avoid this.

Improper Disposal of Information: While maybe an obvious one, this issue occurs far too often than it should. Failing to properly shred and dispose of old files be it paper or electronic, immediately presents red flags. You need to take active measures in protecting your information if you want to keep your business safe from exposure. When employees don’t receive adequate training on information security processes, they are left making the decision as to what is and isn’t deemed confidential; this approach to document management is risky and puts everyone in a vulnerable situation.

How Can Your Business Prevent these Errors from Occurring?

There are many steps you can take towards protecting yourself from data breach; document shredding is just one example and should be applied alongside a shred-all policy for the most effective approach. Regular training is vital in ensuring your employees stay up-to-date and knowledgeable in information security tips.

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