What Do Shredding Companies Do With The Paper?

Understanding The Shredding Process

Shredding companies, like A-1 Shredding, play a crucial role in securing sensitive documents’ disposal. These companies offer professional, efficient, and confidential document destruction services. They provide regularly scheduled maintenance services and one-time bulk destruction to ensure premium protection for your information.


The process involves shredding paper into tiny, unreadable pieces, making it virtually impossible to retrieve confidential information. But what happens after the shredding is complete? The journey of your documents continues.

From Shredding To Recycling

After the documents are shredded, they don’t just end up in a landfill. Instead, shredding companies take important steps to ensure that all shredded paper is recycled. This helps protect your confidential information and contributes to environmental sustainability.


The shredded paper is baled and then sent to a recycling facility. Here, it undergoes a de-inking process to remove any ink or adhesive. The paper is pulped and eventually made into new paper products. So, your old bank statements could become part of a brand-new notebook!

Ensuring Confidentiality And Security

Shredding companies understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your documents. That’s why they guarantee that all information handled will be kept confidential and safeguarded throughout the shredding process.


They also offer secure collection containers at your office or home. These containers can be locked wheeled carts for large volumes or locked cabinets for convenient collection at your desk. Once collected, your documents are destroyed in a secure environment, ensuring that your information remains inaccessible upon completion of the service.

Beyond Paper: Electronic Media Destruction

In our increasingly digital world, sensitive information is often stored on various forms of electronic media. These electronic media can house significant amounts of confidential data, from CDs/DVDs and hard drives to flash drives and other digital storage devices. Like paper documents, the secure destruction of electronic media prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Just imagine a single hard drive can store millions of documents, emails, and other files. If such a device were to fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be devastating. More than simply deleting files or formatting a hard drive is required. The physical destruction of electronic media is necessary to safeguard your sensitive data.


Secure Your Information Today With A-1 Shredding Arizona

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Securely disposing of sensitive information is a proactive step towards protecting yourself or your business from identity theft and data breaches. Whether you need scheduled or one-time shredding, residential or drop-off shredding, or even electronic media destruction, A-1 Shredding is prepared to meet your needs. A-1 Shredding is not just committed to ensuring the security of your information but also to preserving the environment. All shredded paper is baled and sent to a recycling facility, which is processed and eventually made into new paper products. This way, we contribute to environmental sustainability while ensuring your sensitive information remains inaccessible.


Whether you’re a business owner with stacks of confidential documents or a homeowner with old files to dispose of, shredding services can provide a secure, efficient, and environmentally-friendly solution.


So why wait? Take action today to protect your sensitive information. Whether you need scheduled or one-time shredding, residential or drop-off shredding, or even electronic media destruction, A-1 Shredding has got you covered. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you.