Records Management

We offer secure offsite document storage and records imaging services.

Save Time, Money and Space!

Did you know A-1 Shredding offers document storage for businesses in Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas? A-1 makes storage easy and affordable! From small, local businesses to large corporations, we provide convenient, affordable records storage solutions to protect, secure and store valuable documents and media for your company or organization.

Whether you need to organize your business space or protect sensitive business information, our secured, 24/7 monitored facility is well-equipped to keep your information protected. Our records management experts will help you file, manage, and store your documents safely and efficiently. You will save time, money and space with A-1’s file storage solutions in Arizona.

Benefits of Offsite Document Storage vs Self Storage

If you have file boxes at a storage unit, they are probably gathering dust and stacked up so high that the boxes are in danger of collapsing. We see it all the time and, especially with the Arizona heat, your files are likely deteriorating and fading away.

Imagine not having to go to your storage unit to sift through 50 boxes or more of paperwork to find that one file you need, which, of course, is at the bottom of a stack that is six boxes tall.

Instead, just call our office. Ask for the file you need or request it online from your personal document storage account. We can drop it off, have it ready for pick-up, or send you the digital copy in moments.

As the volume of your records and document storage increases, safe, secure and reliable information management becomes more important than ever. With A-1 Shredding, you’ll only ever pay for the exact amount of space you need. This helps lower costs from a storage unit, frees up space in your office or home, and prevents theft.

Maximize your office space with cost-effective, secure offsite storage options and provide physical security for your vital business records all while protecting your documents against environmental damage or worse, theft.

Document Retrieval:

Here at A-1 Shredding, we pride ourselves on our records storage and the ability to quickly find that one piece of paper you need. Our sophisticated records management software tracks the location of every file and every box, which allows us to retrieve your documents at a moment’s notice.

We offer three methods of file delivery:

  • Document Scanning
  • Secure Delivery
  • Customer Pick-Up (box or file)

Let A-1 take care of the frustrating task of finding your important documents.

File Scanning in Arizona

Our digitization process is simple, straightforward, and designed to produce high-quality results every time.

  • We remove staples and paper clips and manually label each file according to your company’s indexing system.
  • Each typed document can be enhanced and made to be readable and searchable, so you can quickly locate the information you need.
  • We can scan your documents and prepare them for your system or deliver them on a USB to your home or office for safekeeping.
  • A-1 Shredding also offers secure cloud storage.

Our high-performance scanners are top of the line and produce a perfect image, so each scanned document will look exactly like the original. There’s no need to waste an employees’ valuable work hours on a tedious task with a slow scanner when A- 1 Shredding can handle the task in a fraction of the time and produce top-quality work.

If your Arizona business requires secure, offsite document storage, then call (602) 441-3339. Our records specialists will be pleased to guide you through our process. Your records will remain safe, secure, and fully accessible.

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