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Proudly Serving Businesses and Residents of the Old Pueblo.

When you’re looking for the safest possible way to discard your old documents, you want a team of industry specialists who can provide you with document management services that are efficient, high-quality, and convenient. A-1 Shredding is proud to offer document shredding services to both commercial and residential customers in Tucson, AZ. Protect your information from theft and reduce the likelihood of a data breach by correctly destroying confidential information. Not sure which kind of paper shredding service is right for you? We’ll help you create a customized program that is perfectly suited to your needs.

No matter whether you choose our on-site or off-site shredding options, our service is fast, friendly, and professional. As a NAID Certified company, we observe a strict chain of custody that reflects the latest updates to state and federal privacy regulations. You can confidently relax with your decision to trust the disposal of sensitive documents to our team.

Only need a one-time shredding visit? Our purge shredding service is an easy way to get rid of old documents in a single day. If you or your company regularly produce documents that should be safely discarded, our scheduled document shredding service can be tailored to fit your schedule and your workplace.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks will arrive on-site, carrying the latest in shredding technology and designed for quick destruction. Witness the shredding personally as it takes place.


Why Go with a Professional Document Shredding Company?

When time is money, you shouldn’t waste yours hunched over a tiny little office shredder. Say goodbye to the hassle and waste of in-house shredding and leave it to us.

As identity theft cases rise across the country, it’s tempting to go grab an off-the-rack shredder, but unfortunately, this can actually cost more than it’s worth. Office shredders aren’t guaranteed to shred to the particle size required for privacy compliance, whereas our professional machines are designed to do precisely that. Instead of spending time trying to do a job with the wrong tools, outsource your document shredding to a company that can keep you compliant and complete the task in a fraction of the time. It doesn’t just make your life easier; it also keeps your employees, customers, and reputation protected.

Not sure what kind of document shredding would be the best fit for your project? No problem – we’ve got the experience to help plan your professional shredding service, and our process ensures that your documents will remain secure and confidential during every stage of their shredding.



How Can A-1 Shredding in Tucson Help Your Business?

  • Enjoy timely and friendly service during each visit
  • Shredding solutions designed to ensure total security
  • Customized shredding service to match your schedule and needs
  • Safely destroy your electronic storage devices as well as your paper documents


Document Shredding Services Offered in Tucson

Shredding for Businesses

A-1 Shredding’s businesses shredding service can be provided as a scheduled, on-going shredding service as well as a one-time purge service for businesses throughout Tucson, AZ. Our convenient scheduled service is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs and includes secure, locking collection bins, provided free with regular service.

The bins can be placed throughout the workplace and used to collect and protect documents on a daily basis. On shredding day, one of our uniformed technicians will empty the bins directly into our mobile shredder before returning them for seamless, continued usage.

When you want a cost-effective shredding service completed right before your eyes, call A-1 Shredding and tell us how we can help keep your information secure.


Shredding for Residents

Companies aren’t the only ones who need to consider the impact of safely discarding information. Tucson residents receive junk mail, pay stubs, receipts, and all kinds of other items that contain personally identifiable information (PII). Instead of living with a messy pile of papers on the kitchen table, or accepting that you’ll lose track of valuable paperwork, ask about our residential shredding services.

Your documents will never have the chance to be stolen from your trashcan, because they’ll be immediately and safely shredded, right at your front door. We’re proud to help protect residents of Tucson from security risks, and our clients always enjoy a professional, efficient, and confidential experience. Plus, we’re environmentally friendly: each and every scrap of paper is securely recycled after shredding.


Drop-Off Shredding

Want to personally ensure that your papers make it into a shredder? Our drop-off shredding service allows you to drive in and drop off your documents directly at our shredding facility. The process is quick, efficient, and designed to get you back to the rest of your day. We ensure precisely the same grade of protection found in our mobile shredding services.


Additional Services Available:

Drop-Off Location: 930 S. 67th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85043

Drop-Off Hours are: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm