Document Shredding in Peoria

Convenient, Reliable Shredding for Your Home or Business

A-1 Shredding supplies professional, industry-leading document shredding and destruction services to homes and businesses in Peoria, Arizona. We’re known for our fast, trustworthy, and experienced service. Our clients can expect precisely the same high-quality care for both on-site and off-site shredding. Our shredding process follows a strict chain of custody to ensure the complete safety and maintained confidentiality of your papers, reflecting the very highest standards of information security.

Our expert team is ready to handle your shredding job, no matter the size. Choose from among a one-time purge, ongoing scheduled service, or an on-site mobile visit from one of our state-of-the-art shredding trucks and enjoy complete privacy for your documents along with 100% compliance with state and federal privacy legislation.


The Case for Outsourcing Shredding

There are plenty of reasons to outsource your document shredding to a professional shredding company, not the least of which are savings in time, effort, and money. Documents that contain personally identifiable information (PII) have to be discarded in a secure way to avoid liability from state and federal privacy laws. Document shredding doesn’t just benefit your business and reduce the chances of information theft or a data breach; it also reduces your legal risk.

Office shredders typically lack reliability, and many simply aren’t designed to process papers in the way required by law for PII. They can jam or break, which takes time and money to fix, and minimally, they require the attention of one employee to operate them. This means that instead of working to advance your bottom line, your employee is stuck catering to a machine that might not even complete the job in the way you require. This translates to lost time and decreased productivity.

Instead, trust your shredding to our convenient on-site, mobile shredding trucks. They’ve been specially designed to ensure complete compliance with Arizona’s state and federal regulations while maintaining the privacy of your documents. Not sure what kind of shredding service you need? Our team can help you create a unique shredding plan, designed to precisely serve the needs of your company. Discard your sensitive papers safely with our secure shredding and recycling system!


Why Choose A-1 Shredding in Peoria?

  • Consistently dependable
  • Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction
  • Shredding designed to protect your information
  • Customized shredding solutions available
  • Hard drive and e-media destruction services to compliment your shredding


Document Shredding Services in Peoria

Business Shredding

No two businesses are precisely the same, which is why A-1 Shredding offers businesses shredding services in Peoria as scheduled, on-going shredding, or one-time purge services. Our scheduled shredding plan includes the use of secure, locking shredding containers, which can be placed around your office and used to safely store confidential documents until your appointment. Invest in a cost-effective document disposal solution and watch as your papers are destroyed immediately on-location. You determine the frequency of your shredding – weekly, bi-weekly, and yearly are only a few examples – which means you can create a plan that works for your company.


Residential Shredding

It’s not uncommon for residences to have a collection of old records, pay stubs, or junk mail that needs to be safely thrown away, and Peoria homes are no exception. Discarding sensitive information in the public trash creates the possibility that it will be stolen or misplaced, which can create years of hassle to sort out. A-1 Shredding offers our residential clients precisely the same grade of professional, convenient, and secure service that our corporate clients receive. We’re proud to provide Peoria with residential shredding services to help prevent the headache and expense of identity theft. To schedule an appointment, simply contact our office. One of our experts will arrive at your location to collect and shred your items on-site, allowing you to view your shredding as it happens. As an extra layer of protection, all shredded particles are then securely recycled, making them impossible to retrieve.


Drop-Off Shredding

Don’t want the hassle of arranging an appointment? Our drop-off shredding service is the choice for you. Homeowners and companies in Peoria are able to bring their documents directly to our secure shredding facility, where they can be dropped off for shredding. We do ask that, if you’d still like to view your shredding as it happens, you call our office to arrange an appointment time. Otherwise, simply drive up and drop off!

Our Phoenix facility allows a quick and convenient stop before you continue with your day. You’ll never be stuck with long wait times, and you’ll be able to enjoy the same fast processing and reliable service found in our other shredding services. All items shredded at our facility will be securely recycled, and we pride ourselves on sustainable and responsible operations.


Additional Services in Peoria

Drop-Off Location: 930 S. 67th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85043

Drop-Off Hours are: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm