Document Shredding in Glendale

Serving the Entire State of Arizona

A-1 Shredding supplies secure, industry-leading document shredding services to residences and businesses in Glendale, Arizona. Our clients know they can expect fast, verified, and professional service, each and every time they request on-site or off-site shredding. Following a strict chain of custody to ensure the constant safety and preserved confidentiality of your documents, our shredding process reflects nothing less than the highest industry standards.

Trust your shredding to our expert team. No matter whether it’s a one-time purge, ongoing scheduled shredding, or an on-site visit from one of our top-of-the-line mobile shredding trucks, you’ll enjoy complete privacy for your documents and 100% compliance with Arizona’s privacy legislation.


Outsourcing Your Shredding: The Economical Choice

Making the decision to outsource your document shredding is easier than you might expect, in no small part due to the fact that you’ll actually save time, money, and effort. Documents containing personally identifiable information (PII) are typically required to be disposed of in a specific manner, especially if you want to reduce the risk of information theft or a data breach. It’s not just a smart business decision – it’s also a choice to reduce your legal risk. Current state and federal legislation place consequences on individuals and entities who fail to safely handle and discard confidential records. Outsourcing your shredding to a professional company effectively removes the minutiae of this responsibility from your shoulders.

In-house or off-the-shelf shredders lack reliability. They may break down, and may not be designed to handle ongoing or high-volume shredding jobs. They also typically require at least one employee to manually operate them, which means that your business effectively loses a worker (and all that they could accomplish) for the time it takes to complete the shredding.

Our on-site, mobile shredding trucks aren’t just convenient; they’re also specially designed to ensure the complete confidentiality of your records and to guarantee compliance with Arizona’s privacy laws. If you’re not sure what kind of shredding service is the best fit for you or your business, give us a call – our team can help plan your shredding project, making it easy to safely discard your sensitive documents. Our secure shredding system ensures that your items will remain secure from the moment you entrust them to our care until we deliver the particles safely to a local facility for recycling.


Why Choose A-1 Shredding in Glendale?

  • We pride ourselves on our dependability, which means you can rely on us each and every time.
  • Our shredding options are designed to protect and preserve the privacy of your documents.
  • Need a customized shredding solution? No problem – we specialize in individual shredding without compromise to the convenience of our service.
  • We do more than just shred paper. We also offer the secure destruction of e-media, including hard drives, floppy discs, CDs, and more.


Document Shredding Services in Glendale

Business Shredding

Every business is different, which is why A-1 Shredding offers businesses shredding services in Glendale as scheduled, on-going shredding, or one-time purge services. Our scheduled shredding service comes complete with locking containers that can be placed in your office or workplace for daily use, keeping your documents secure until your shredding appointment. Enjoy a cost-effective document shredding solution, completed right at your location. You make the call as to how often your papers are destroyed: one-time, biweekly, yearly, or your own customized schedule.


Residential Shredding

Businesses aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the use of document shredding services. If you’re a Glendale resident, there’s a good chance that you have plenty of old papers, records, or junk mail stuck around your home. Throwing these items away in the public trash opens up the possibility that your information will be lost or stolen, and for identity thieves, it only takes a name and address to get the mischief started. A-1 Shredding provides you with precisely the same grade of professional, efficient, and confidential service that we offer to our corporate clients.¬†We provide residential shredding services to help protect residents of Glendale from the headache and expense of identity theft. Contact our team of experts to make an appointment for the pick-up of your items. After they’re shredded on-site, where you can witness the process in action, all particles will be recycled and rendered forever inaccessible.


Drop-Off Shredding

If you want to maintain personal possession of your information right up until it’s destroyed, our drop-off shredding service is the choice for you. Provided to both residents and companies in Glendale, A-1’s drop-off shredding option allows you to bring your items directly to our secure shredding facility for processing. If you’d like to view your shredding as it occurs, please call our office to make an appointment.

Our facility is conveniently located, allowing you to quickly drop off your items and continue with your day. With no long wait times, fast processing, and reliable and consistent service, drop-off shredding is one of our most popular service options. As with all of our shredding, we see to it that your shredded materials will be safely and sustainably recycled.


Additional Services in Glendale

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Drop-Off Hours are: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm