Why Its Better To Outsource Your Shredding

paper-stackWhy Its Better To Outsource Your Shredding

A ream of paper has 500 sheets of paper in it and weighs 5 pounds meaning 1 pound of paper = 100 sheets (

Let’s say A-1 Shredding destroys and recycles 400 pounds (each bin holds 100lbs of paper so this may be a low estimate) from your office every 2 weeks = 800 pounds per month.

800 pounds per month = 80,000 sheets of paper per month.

That being said, we purchased an Allegheny office shredder (retail value = $4000) that shreds 342 sheets of paper per minute.  At 80,000 sheets of paper, it would take someone approximately 4 hours/month to shred.

Assume that you pay your “typical” office staff $40,000 per year plus $10,000 in benefits.  With approximately 2,000 hours in a work year, this “typical” person’s time is worth $25 an hour.

Office staff + Allegheny shredder = $100/month in addition to initial $4000 for the shredder = $5200 for the 1st year and $1200 thereafter until the shredder needs to be replaced.

Now let’s look at a commercial office shredder we picked up at Staples (retail value $1200).  A commercial office shredder can shred approximately 180 sheets of paper per minute. At 80,000 sheets of paper, it would take a staff person approximately 22 hours/month to shred (the shredder can run for 30 mins and needs a 60 min cool time).

Office staff + Staples shredder = $550/month in addition to the initial $1200 for the Staples shredder = $7800 for the 1st year and $6600 thereafter until the shredder needs to be replaced.

Adding in hassles to include disposal, electricity and the opportunity cost of the worker supports hiring a local, independent company to pick up, destroy and recycle your paper at your convenience and economical savvy.

Please feel free to contact A-1 Shredding for any additional questions you may have, or…if our math is wrong ☺

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