HIPAA Ransomware – How to avoid it

HIPPA Ransomware

Hipaa Ransomware – How to avoid it!

It has been reported that HIPAA ransomware has hit several well known Hospitals in the US. Many people today know of ransomware as, someone from Panama holding your documents hostage until you paid the fee for the license renewal (aka Cyborg Trojan).

One of the Hospitals attacked was located right in the Washington, D.C. Region. This facility is known as Med Star Health. This catastrophic situation caused the Health Care to turn patients away for over twenty four hours.

As the Washington Post stated, MedStar officials have not responded to multiple requests for comment, but someone who works closely with the $5 billion healthcare provider confirmed that the computer systems remain down and that staff has been turning patients away. [Washington Post–March 29, 2016]

In addition, it’s been stated that two California Hospitals have been affected by this as well. These Hospitals are owned by (Prime Healthcare). As Forbes Mentions they were.., “..hit with ransomware, and spokesman Fred Ortega told the BBC that “it did cause significant disruption of our IT services.” Prime Healthcare is the hospital management company that operates 42 acute care hospitals in 14 states. ”

How to Avoid Ransomware:

Ways to avoid these types of situations are pretty common. You’ll want to make sure your employees are trained well on what to do with incoming emails, and how to handle them. Often times, cyber bullies will embed a virus in an attachment, and it will ask you to install it. If you’re unsure whether you should install a software or not, you should seek help from a professional in your IT Department. Other ways cyber thieves install ransomware is by embedding it in software that you might not think would have it. Such as, Docusign. It has been reported that docusign has been used as a tool to assist with randsomware. You’ll know it isn’t from docusign when you click on the button to sign, and it asks you to install a program. This is how they get into your files.

Hard Drive Destruction

Often times companies have computer hardware that they no longer need, or have use for. This is where we come in and can assist with the destruction of those hard drives. We shred and destroy all types of HIPAA files, floppy disks, and hard drives.

• In justifiable cases, based on the size and the type of the covered entity, and the nature of the PHI, depositing PHI in locked dumpsters that are accessible only by authorized persons, such as appropriate refuse workers. • For PHI on electronic media, clearing (using software or hardware products to overwrite media with non-sensitive data), purging (degaussing or exposing the media to a strong magnetic field in order to disrupt the recorded magnetic domains), or destroying the media (disintegration, pulverization, melting, incinerating, or shredding).

At A-1 shredding we have the equipment necessary to confidentially, and securely destroy all medical records. We take pride in our work, and stand by it 100%.

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